PES2020 myClub Sim Bot 1-month Subscription


Tired of running out of GP?

You can’t afford the costs of renewing your star-ridden team?

You want to buy some scouts for combinations but you don’t have the budget?

The answer to those and many more questions is found in the Sim Bot for PES2020 myClub.

This is a subscription for 1-month usage of the bot.

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Tired of running out of GP?

You can’t afford the costs of renewing your star-ridden team?

You want to buy some scouts for combinations but you don’t have the budget?

Then you all you need is this Sim Bot for PES2020 myClub.

What does it do?

It’s simple. MyClub has a mode called “Ranked Match (Sim)”. The bot simply plays games in this mode, collecting GP for the user to spend however he pleases. Since there are many users out there that don’t have the time required to play this mode and farm GP as required, this bot automatically plays games and renews the team after 10-match cycles.

Is it cheating?

No it is not cheating. The bot just plays the games casually just likea user would. There is no tampering of data or messing about with stuff that the user should not. Other users are not affected as well. It is just the player gaining GP, by having “someone else” play Simulation games for them.

For which platform?

The bot currently supports the English version of eFootball PES2020 on PS4.

Are there any requirements?

You need to have a PC that is capable of running “PS4 Remote Play”, and which will have to stay open while you run the bot.

Setup Guide

Please make sure before purchasing that you can successfully follow the steps below. No refunds are possible after you agree to purchase the bot license by clicking the purchase button.

  1. Download and install “PS4 Remote Play” for PC by following the instructions and requirements of the link below:
  2. After successfully connecting with your PS4, open up PES2020 and myClub, and go to your “Members List”.Members List
  3. Make sure you “Lock” all the players that are important for you, and also make sure there is no player with expired contract! This is very important, as there is a huge risk this messes up the bot if this step is not properly followed. Finally, make sure none of your players is suspended (red carded).
    Player Lock
  4. Afterwards, you must create a new empty squad, and assign a manager with one of the following formations:
    4-1-3-2Usually, the available starting managers have those formations, so it is better to use those, as they also have a very cheap contract renewal price.
    Empty Squad
  5. Fill the bench with your best players. Make sure none of those players is suspended (red card), and they have at least 1 game remaining in their contracts.Bench Players
  6. Fill the rest of the squad with players that you don’t need, and that are going to be released after 10 games. Make sure that:
    1. All players have exactly 10 games remaining for their contract
    2. The worst player is chosen as your GK.
    3. Positions don’t matter (you can put a CF in the GK position etc.)
    4. You pick your worst players.Also it is highly recommended that you have several players rated 79 and below that you don’t mind being discarded. This is the pool of players that the bot is going to use for those SIM games.
    Sim Squad
  7. Go to the main myClub menu.
  8. From the package you have downloaded, run the application called”PS4Macro.exe”, and a small window should appear, with PES2020SimBot.dll
  9. After pressing the “Play” button, a console window should pop-up, where you will be asked to enter your account details, that you created when purchasing the bot. After pressing Enter, you should be now logged in, and the bot should be starting.Warning: Do not change the size of the PS4 Remote Play window, or set it to full screen! The appropriate size will be set by the bot and you must not change it, or the bot will not work!
  10. Congratulations! You are now running the Sim Bot for PES2020! Don’t disconnect your PS4 controller as it must be always on for PS4 Remote Play to work.Please note that in case of server maintainance by Konami, the bot will not be able to do anything, and you must restart it yourself. Also, in case a player of your team gets suspended, you must manually remove him and rebuild the bot squad. (due to be addressed in an update)


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