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Introducing the ultimate PES Bot for eFootball PES2020.

Here you will find what you need in order to create the best team in PES2020. The PES Bot will allow you to quickly collect GP, which you can later use for expensive 5-star scouts, or to maintain your team costs.

What does it do?

It’s simple. MyClub has a mode called “Ranked Match (Sim)”. The bot simply plays games in this mode, collecting GP for the user to spend however he pleases. Since there are many users out there that don’t have the time required to play this mode and farm GP as required, this bot automatically plays games and renews the team after 10-match cycles.

Is it cheating?

No it is not cheating. The bot just plays the games casually just likea user would. There is no tampering of data or messing about with stuff that the user should not. Other users are not affected as well. It is just the player gaining GP, by having “someone else” play Simulation games for them.

For which platform?

The bot currently supports the English version of eFootball PES2020 on PS4.

Are there any requirements?

You need to have a PC that is capable of running “PS4 Remote Play”, and which will have to stay open while you run the bot.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the “Shop” text to start your journey on becoming a myClub Millionaire!

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